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Sweeney's Bar
32 Dame Street,
Dublin 2.

+353 1 635 0056
Sweeney's Bar, Dame Street have a great line up of regular gigs. We also have a lot of other gigs and promotions as well as open mic nights and other stuff. Check here for updates so you dont miss out..!! Absolutely fantastic venue on three floors with great music and acts with real welcoming atmosphere....well worth visiting us....
Pubs & Venues
Thurs/ Fri/ Sat gigs are at 8.30 or 9 pm, Jazz is 6 on Sundays, Reggae starts at 10pm.....
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facebook for live updates
check out Sweeney's brand new website for more details, bookings etc. http://www.sweeneysdublin.ie/
check out our website for more details, bookings etc. http://www.sweeneysdublin.ie/
Admission €5
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Sweeney's 1st Birthday Bash
Sat 31st
Reggae Fever - Sweeneys basement saturdays is REGGAE FEVER the weekly residency of Irelands most successful reggae sound system the legendary WORRIES OUTERNATIONAL. four years in and the worries crew are still causing roadblocks each and every week with their consistent blend of all sounds jamaican. from ska to rocksteady, roots to dancehall plus their exclusive dubplate bizness ! dancefloor space is at a premium as both local and international selectors join the worries crew for what is dublins most cosmopolitan and bass heavy club nite !! Sweeneys Underbelly: Doors: 9pm - 3am
Fri 30th
DJ Negligee - Sometimes Wednesdays, sometimes Fridays, sometimes Saturdays. Ground Floor: Doors: 9pm - midnight FREE
Fri 30th
The 68s - Rhythm & Blues / Rock & Roll. Working out of Dublin city The 68's are a 3 piece Rhythm & Blues / Rock n' Roll group. they met & formed in November 2011. The line-up has changed around a little since the beginning. Formerly a 4/5 piece with a twin lead guitar sound, they have since the summer of 2013 been working as a 3 piece with vocals, guitar, bass & drums. Live shows cover many of the classic Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll, Blues & Rock songs from the 1950's, 60's & 70's along side some of their own numbers. After hundreds of gigs across Ireland in the past couple of years and some high energy and highly praised festival appearances they have developed a good name for themselves on the Dublin and Irish live music scene. Ground Floor: Doors: 7pm - Free
Fri 30th
Free Techno - YES!! - We are back folks, fresh as f*ck and dying to get back on that Free Techno train. We had a solid run in our term in the Hub but the Universe has sought fit to send us back from whence we came and come Friday the 30th of January the lights will be off, the sound system up and the Techno will be banging in the basement of Sweeneys. As it is a special night we have decided to get 2 very special dj's in that are very close to our hearts. Kicking off the first of the 2 x 2 hour dj sets we have Bozzo. Bozzo's music is everything we love at Free Techno and he flies the flag in style. Things are not as they seem when Bozzo plays and be prepared to be taken on the sweetest of journeys and left wanting more.
Wrapping up the night we have non other than Free Techno resident and producer/dj Niall Dunne. Niall has been blowing the roofs off venues around Ireland the last few years while making a name for himself at the festival level as well. Recently he has earned international acclaim as one half of RSCH 14 and we truly cannot wait to see what he has in store for us on the 30th.
So spread the word and treat yourself to what is going to be an absolute cracker of a night. Back in our original homestead its going to be a night to remember!!
Sweeneys Underbelly: Doors: 9pm - 2.30am
Sat 31st
Sweeney's Presents Vol.1 - Sweeney's Presents - the last Saturday of every month on the top floor - kicking off at 9 - Free In.
Vol. 1 This Sat 31st Jan:
Rudy Trixx
The Witch Trials
Brain Donation.
1st Floor: Doors: 9pm - 2.30am FREE
Sun 1st
Sweeney's Dixieland Jazzmen - One of the finest & best shows to see in Dublins fair city. Each Sunday on the ground floor get in early to get a good seat! Ground Floor: Doors: 6.30pm - 8.30pm Free
Thurs 5th
The Eclectic Ballroom - Monthly club night with DJs playing the best in punk, hip hop, indie ,rock, 80s swing and much much more..music form every decade and every style!!.. 1st Floor: Doors: 9pm - 2.30am: Admission: Free
Fri 6th
A DIFFERENT FRIDAY - SWEENEY'S DAME STREET - A new style of evening out for Dublin. Comedy, Burlesque, Theatre, Music, all in the one show!! It's Pay What You Want on the way out too. Sweeney's Upstairs - The best stage in Dublin will see Donal Vaughan - Comedy. Kora Elle - Burlesque, Geraldine Crowley and Harry Walsh Foreman of Firedoor Theatre performing short pieces, and Robert Coyle performing extracts of his show Numinous. Additional guests to be announced. Come along, then join us out afterwards for a late one! Gary Lynch, the handsomest man in Dublin, is your host.. 1st Floor: Doors: 8pm - 2.30am: Admission: Free
Fri 6th
Gary's Gang - THE GARY OFF - How many Djs does it take to run a club night? In the case of Gary's Gang, far too many. But then if there wasn't so many of us we couldn't put on a night with as stupid an idea as 8-FUCKING-DJs-BACK-TO-BACK could we? Have we even figured out how many records we'll get to play each? No. Is it 4? Is it 10? How many will miss a turn cause they were getting baked out the back? 3? 7? Will everyone else have presumed one of the others brought headphones and needles? Yes.
Will the mixer make it to midnight before being redlined to the max 'cause every dj HAS to turn it up a bit when he goes on? Doubtful. Will it be more reckless and unpredictable and thus more fun than 90% of big names act you are usually paying too much to see? Obviously yes. See you there. Gary's Gang : THE GARY OFF
Sam, Phil, Dave, Kenny, Dan, Dan, Paudi, Shane
B2B all night
Free in
Coming soon : Sex Gary Mania. ..
Sweeneys Underbelly: Doors: 10pm - 2.30am: Admission FREE
Fri 6th
DJ Negligee - Sometimes Wednesdays, sometimes Fridays, sometimes Saturdays. Ground Floor: Doors: 9pm - midnight FREE