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Sweeney's Bar
32 Dame Street,
Dublin 2.

+353 1 635 0056
Sweeney's Bar, Dame Street have a great line up of regular gigs. We also have a lot of other gigs and promotions as well as open mic nights and other stuff. Check here for updates so you dont miss out..!! Absolutely fantastic venue on three floors with great music and acts with real welcoming atmosphere....well worth visiting us....
Pubs & Venues
Thurs/ Fri/ Sat gigs are at 8.30 or 9 pm, Jazz is 6 on Sundays, Reggae starts at 10pm.....
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facebook for live updates
check out our website for more details, bookings etc. http://www.sweeneysdublin.ie/
check out Sweeney's brand new website for more details, bookings etc. http://www.sweeneysdublin.ie/
check out our website for more details, bookings etc. http://www.sweeneysdublin.ie/
Admission €5
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Sweeney's 1st Birthday Bash
Sat 25th
Ciara Gallagher DJ Set - Ciara Gallagher DJ set > Good times on our ground floor. Ground Floor 8pm - midnight: FREE
Sat 25th
Reggae Fever - Sweeneys basement saturdays is REGGAE FEVER the weekly residency of Irelands most successful reggae sound system the legendary WORRIES OUTERNATIONAL. four years in and the worries crew are still causing roadblocks each and every week with their consistent blend of all sounds jamaican. from ska to rocksteady, roots to dancehall plus their exclusive dubplate bizness ! dancefloor space is at a premium as both local and international selectors join the worries crew for what is dublins most cosmopolitan and bass heavy club nite !! Sweeneys Underbelly: Doors: 9pm - 3am
Sun 26th
Sweeney's Dixieland Jazzmen - One of the finest & best shows to see in Dublins fair city. Each Sunday on the ground floor get in early to get a good seat! Ground Floor: Doors: 6.30pm - 8.30pm Free
Sat 25th
D-Riculous All Stars - d-riculous all stars on fire-
Covers from the finest rock blues back catalogues...
Ground Floor: Doors: 9pm - 3am FREE
Sat 25th
The sons of Robert Mitchum
The Black Pits
Night Blind
Suzaku Avenue
1st Floor: Doors: 8pm - 3am FREE
Mon 27th
Back Door Open Mic - Back door Open Mic is brought to you by Super Happy Funtimes. Please feel free to drop in, sign up & play 7pm onwards Ground Floor: Doors: 7.00pm - midnight
Wed 29th
The Boneyards - The Boneyard Collective..... This week 2 on Wednesday, 1 on Friday & 1 x Saturday - are the Sweeney's House Dj's amalgamated together not unlike a well made sandwich.... Members : Mark Griffin AKA Guilty Boy ~ Claire Batt AKA Meow Catt ~ Dave Behan AKA Chef Pipes ~ Yves Solo AKA Easy Yves ~ Bo Owen AKA Zippy ~ Kelvin Sheridan AKA Man Playing Records.. Contact us for your free gaf / party/ session / birthday/ wedding / funeral / front lawn / christmas / halloween / saint swithins day / etc Ground Floor: Doors: 8pm - 3am
Wed 29th
Bopa Recordings - Bopa Records is a very humble, very heartfelt idea. We are a bunch of friends and musicians who love to write, play and listen to music. We will be giving our artists whatever they need to flourish and grow. Bopa is about more then just releases, We will also be hosting showcase nights and jam sessions under the name of BopaLong. We feel musicians need to talk more, share more, and help each other more.. So with out anymore idealistic jabber.. LET'S GET THIS BOPA ROLLIN....
Phazam Haze & Vernon Jane.
1st Floor 8pm - 3am: FREE
Thurs 30th
GOTCHA - Gotcha Funk, Soul, Blues TONIGHT 12 midnight> Ground Floor: Doors: midnight - 2.30am
Fri 31st
GYPSY REBEL RABBLE - Gypsy Rebel Rabble are a Dublin based, Irish, folk band with a reputation for energetic live shows. They merge a furious DIY punk song-writing and performance ethic with a smooth vocal style plush with beautiful harmonies. Sweeneys Underbelly: Doors: 8pm - 2.30am
Fri 31st
The 68's - The 68's are a 3 piece Rhythm & Blues / Rock n' Roll group. Ground Floor: Doors: 8pm - 3am FREE
Fri 31st
High Society - Hifalutin jazz swingery by very well informed and exceptionally dressed musos. Groove central - DANCE WELL. Ground Floor: Doors: 7pm - FREE
Fri 31st
SUBSYSTEM HALLOWEIRD PSYTRANCE - Subsystem records is Back To Sweeneys with a Hair Raising
Psychedelic adventure in Dublin city on Halloween night 31st October 2014.
We will be Conjuring up the Psychedelic Spells in Sweeneys Underbelly from 9 bells with a Deadly Concoction in the Form of..
-Stu Shanka (Bom Shanka Music)
-Dj Nigel (Shiva Valley Records) + Bom Shanka
-Fer Zefer Neutronyx Ireland
-Rocky Lectrosoul Ajnasoul(Subsystem Records)
-Daniel Rrell (Subsystem Records).
Sweeneys Underbelly: Doors: 9pm - 3am
Sat 1st
IRISH RECORD FAIRS - The Irish Record Show come to visit us monthly, a huge array of vinyl for sale & swap. 1st Floor: Doors: Midday - 5.00pm Admission: Free
Sat 1st
MADRA- Album Launch - Madra are a rock 'n' roll band from Dublin, an intense, tight and solid three-piece. Click "Like" and follow Madra on facebook!!! Watch this space for upcoming gigs!!!... 1st Floor: Doors: 8pm - 3am Free
Sat 1st
Moo - Rock and roll with original & covers - Party time! .. Ground Floor: Doors: 8pm - 3am FREE