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Sweeney's Bar
32 Dame Street,
Dublin 2.

+353 1 635 0056
Sweeney's Bar, Dame Street have a great line up of regular gigs. We also have a lot of other gigs and promotions as well as open mic nights and other stuff. Check here for updates so you dont miss out..!! Absolutely fantastic venue on three floors with great music and acts with real welcoming atmosphere....well worth visiting us....
Pubs & Venues
Thurs/ Fri/ Sat gigs are at 8.30 or 9 pm, Jazz is 6 on Sundays, Reggae starts at 10pm.....
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facebook for live updates
check out Sweeney's brand new website for more details, bookings etc. http://www.sweeneysdublin.ie/
check out our website for more details, bookings etc. http://www.sweeneysdublin.ie/
Admission €5
check out the pics and vids from
Rockcandy on
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Sweeney's 1st Birthday Bash
Wed 1st
Back Door Open Mic - All welcome - Back Door Open Mic - Drop in sign up and play! Brought to you by Super Happy Fun Times. Ground Floor: Doors: 7pm - 2am Free
Wed 1st
Spirit Of Folk Battle Of The Bands - come down to Sweeney's to witness the bestfolk bands Dublin has to offer!
Ground Floor: Doors: 8pm - 3am Admission €4
Sun 5th
Sweeney's Dixieland Jazzmen - One of the finest & best shows to see in Dublins fair city. Each Sunday on the ground floor get in early to get a good seat! Ground Floor: Doors: 6.30pm - 8.30pm Free
Sun 5th
High Society - Hifalutin jazz swingery by very well informed and exceptionally dressed musos. Groove central - DANCE WELL
Ground Floor: Doors: 9pm - late Free